Thursday 15 March 2012

#MTOS 18 March 2012: Sports Films

Although I'm not a sports fan like my dad and grandads were, I learnt at an early age that it is not just the winning which is the ultimate goal in sport, but to participate, try your hardest, doing this perhaps as a team and doing so with honesty and no anabolic steroids (Ivan Drago should've had Rocky's coach in "Rocky IV"), an outstretched foot or swan dive that Odette would be proud of.

And such is the case with sport in film, we cheer for the underdog because they llike us are on a journey to learn An Important Life Lesson, often that professional success may come at high price (DeNiro's blistering "Raging Bull" performance.

In short, sport is often allegory for how you deal with life, love, war death and everything in between, including that you must often learn how you deal with losing is far more important than winning with even time for some fantasy, mayte a quick quidditch match, a round of golf with Bagger Vance or my personal ultimate fantasy baseball team of the Cullens, Ray Kinsella, Moonlight Graham and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

But once this has been learned, anything is possible, from winning the match, the girl and overthrowing an evil, totaliteration empire, and all before teatime.

See you at the starting line Sunday and cool runnings!


1  Best sports film?
2  Worst sports film?
3  Favourite sports film?
4  Most outlandish sport depicted on screen?
5  Favourite sporting animal?
6  Dystopian sports film?
7  Sport and war?
8  Fantasy in sports films?
9  Favourite final showdown?
10  Favourite sports film soundtrack?

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